Big Eyes Coin Receives Millions in Funding and Provides Strong Competition to VeChain and Synthetix

Millions of people own and trade cryptocurrencies. The ups and downs of the crypto market did very little to scare people. An increasing amount of people are choosing to trade in crypto, due to their permissionless and decentralized nature. As per estimation, over 1 billion people own cryptocurrencies. Many of them have gained massive wealth by trading those digital assets. You can be the next crypto billionaire if you consistently read the latest crypto news. Thus, you will find new coins that may grow rapidly. Crypto news will also inform you about volatile assets on a downward trajectory! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has astonished crypto enthusiasts by gaining over $2 million in the first presale round. VeChain (VET) and Synthetix (SNX) investors may soon pick the BIG Token as a better alternative!

Big Eyes Coin: A Revolutionary Meme Coin Building a Community of Smartest Investors

The downfall of popular meme coins has forced crypto enthusiasts to rethink their investment strategy. Many people believe that meme coins are losing their charm. Therefore, they consistently search for better alternatives. Big Eyes aims to restore people’s belief in meme coins by shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. It is a new crypto asset attracting many investors, who are dumping other useless meme coins and crypto assets. It aims to build a community of intelligent people who want to create the best NFT collections.

What are the most remarkable features of the Big Eyes Coin?

The Big Eyes Coin could never attract investors if it had no usability and potential for growth. The following features make it a lucrative investment opportunity for everyone!

Everyone loves oceans, and amazing creatures reside in that mesmerizing environment. Unfortunately, very few people seem concerned about marine pollution. The Big Eyes platform will set up a visible charity wallet. That wallet will hold 5% of the coins to save oceans. This initiative will encourage nature lovers to invest more in the BIG Token and save aquatic creatures.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become valuable digital assets. Organizations across the globe are using feature-rich networks to produce top-class NFTs. The Big Eyes platform will initiate its NFT project creation and push for the top position.

Many crypto assets fail and cause huge losses because they have no roadmap for success. The Big Eyes Coin has a robust plan and will take small steps to achieve its goals. The Big Eyes community will witness all actions and participate in growing the platform and gaining more rewards.

  • DeFi won’t be confusing anymore!

Most people across the globe know nothing about decentralized finance (DeFi). Big Eyes will provide tutorials and guides to help members understand various aspects of the DeFi ecosystem.

Big Eyes Coin may become the most popular meme coin in 2022. You can buy this coin in the presale stage.

VeChain: Using Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Governance Technologies to Solve Major Data Issues

VeChain aims to facilitate transparent information flow by establishing a distributed and trust-free ecosystem. It strives to deliver faster value transfers and efficient collaboration. This platform uses the internet of things (IoT) and distributed governance to build a feature-rich ecosystem. This ecosystem will address data issues affecting many industries. This platform aims to facilitate trustless data sharing in real time between various involved parties. The VET Token is VeChain’s native cryptocurrency. Users need this token to pay for transactions, access services, staking rewards, and governance. As per reports, VeChain has recently introduced Tool Chain-powered merchandise on the occasion of its 4th birthday. This platform will ship that merchandise to Europe, the UK, Canada, the USA, Singapore, and China.

Synthetix: The Leading DeFi Protocol for Creating Synthetic Assets

Synthetix is an Ethereum blockchain-based protocol that offers on-chain exposure to various crypto and non-crypto assets. This platform has highly liquid synthetic assets, known as Synths. Those assets monitor underlying traditional assets and deliver returns on those assets. The investor does not hold the underlying asset but gets the benefit of trading that asset. The SNX Token is an ERC-20 token used by Synthetix members to create Synths. You can stake the SNX Token and gain rewards according to Synthetix’s inflationary monetary policy. As per reports, Monero (XMR) will soon join other commodities, crypto assets, and forex markets on the Synthetix platform. Users will be able to access the XMR Token for leverage trading through Synthetix.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)



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