Can Dogecoin Sustain After Big Eyes Coin’s Presale Success?

Meme coins have proved to be valuable in the past. One clear example is Dogecoin’s (DOGE) phenomenal numbers in May 2021. The coin that was launched as a joke has made millions of dollars for many investors. And the biggest cheerleader was Elon Musk. He pumped the token to a level that it got celebrity status. But lately, even the smallest acts of Elon Musk are resulting in the falling charts of Dogecoin (DOGE).

According to reports, DOGE lost momentum after the news of Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition. Although cryptocurrencies are volatile, the recent loss in market capitalization because of an indirect event is a cause of worry for the Dogecoin community.

Another reason that Dogecoin (DOGE) might stumble more in the future is the launch of an irresistibly cute meme token: Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

What Is Big Eyes Coin?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a full-on community token with the express goal of shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem and protecting an important part of the world’s ecosystem. The token, albeit new, has already started making headlines for its presale success, the features, the value it creates, and its environmental projects.

This meme token’s strategy is simple: it wants to create an ecosystem in blockchain technology that will be a one-stop shop for all the crypto and NFT needs of the users.

Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) cute-eyed mascot loves sushi; hence it is on a mission to save the ocean and the fish. To achieve that, the token will make its second donation to charities working for ocean welfare and preservation. It has pledged to give away 5% of its wallet profits to charitable trusts and organizations.

Token’s priorities are sorted: everything revolves around its love for sushi. It has launched 10 NFT projects where the cute cat is taken to the sea. The collection is called NFT Sushi Crew, and the owners of the token will be able to enjoy exclusive NFT events.

Presale Success

From a relative perspective, IMMOPET (IMPT) token’s lifetime presale value is $500K. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) raised $500K in just one day, raising $5.56M so far. The investors have shown immense trust in Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and for all the right reasons.

What About Doge?

Dogecoin (DOGE) is going through a rough patch, especially after the crypto crash earlier this year. And its problems aren’t going to stop because crypto enthusiasts seem to have moved on from dog mascots. Cats are the new favorite in the market, and Big Eyes Coin is a shining example of that.

To Sum Up

Dogecoin (DOGE) needs to worry because investors are betting high on the cute cat. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has also come up with an exciting offer to celebrate its success.

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