Canyon Crest Academy students launch first-ever Crypto Club

A group of young NFT traders and enthusiasts recently created the new Raven DAO Crypto Club at Canyon Crest Academy.

Senior Nathan Benhaim founded the club with juniors Geoffrey Duan and Connor Chung and already 150 students have joined. They meet every Wednesday in business/business finance teacher Craig Pollard’s classroom. Free pizza is a plus.

“At Raven DAO Crypto Club we’re passionate about NFT investing and educating our friends and classmates on the opportunity to financially benefit from the NFT boom, like we did,” Nathan said.

NFTs also known as non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that can be traded between users. Last school year, Nathan and a team of advanced business class students created a successful NFT investing company called Oasis DAO, pooling money from investors and making NFT trades. They achieved a 51% gain of the initial investment for its clients.

Nathan Benhaim speaks at a recent Crypto Club meeting.

(Yamia Benhaim)

“As crypto digital currencies have severely dropped values from their all-time high in November 2021, the market provides us one of the best opportunities to enter the space. By creating Raven DAO Club, our goal is to build a community of peers that are excited to learn more about how crypto and the blockchain technology work,” Geoffrey said. “As NFT traders and enthusiasts, we share our experience on how to safely transact NFTs and research future investments for crypto currencies.”

CCA club members can learn more about this economic sector and future career pathways. As Connor said, NFTs and the crypto space in general are unique due to the decentralization aspect and they are excited to explore all of the potential applications with the club.

“I am so impressed with Nathan, Geoffrey and Connor,” said Pollard. “They have reversed roles with me and now I am the student learning from them.”

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