Cardano Ranks Among Top Blockchains in Active Developer Count: Details

According to Coin98 Analytics, Cardano ranks among the top blockchains in terms of active developer count. Cardano ranked second after Ethereum, followed by Polkadot, Cosmos and Solana in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.

As reported by U.Today, the GitHub repository of the Cardano developer portal attained 600 forks, indicating that more developers are contributing. The Cardano Developer Portal covers everything that could be done on the Cardano mainnet.

Cardano has received a lot of criticism in the past, the most significant of which has been its comparison to a ghost chain. Cardano, however, continues to produce ghost-disproving results. One example is in its development activity. In recent months, Cardano’s development activity has been on the rise, showing that the teams are day by day committed to creating products, polishing and upgrading their features and staying true to the long-term roadmap.

Currently, the number of Plutus scripts has increased to 3,474. The continuously increasing number of Plutus scripts is a straight indicator of development activity in the ecosystem.


According to recent statistics shared by the Cardano builder, IOG, 102 projects have been launched on Cardano. Cardano native tokens are now at 6.4 million across 63,064 token policies. The number of transactions stands at 51.8 million, while the number of projects building has grown to 1,120.

In the past week, Input Output Global (IOG) has announced a new release for the Daedalus wallet — Daedalus mainnet 5.1.0, which brings updates to hardware wallet integration.

In a historic milestone, the Vasil update was triggered on Sept. 22, while the full Vasil capabilities were deployed five days later, on Sept. 27, allowing developers to enjoy Vasil benefits.