DJ Qian Discusses Cross-Chain Aggregation and the Future of DeFi at The Blockchain Expo

New York, NY, United States – (NewMediaWire) – October 15, 2022 – (King NewsWire) – The 2022 Blockchain Expo marked an occasion in which technology providers from across the world came together to celebrate. Founders, CEOs, investors, media, and blockchain enthusiasts gathered in Santa Clara, CA to discuss and debate all things blockchain, particularly looking to the future of blockchain. With the imminent threat of a potential recession, leaders in the industry banded together to discuss how we can better serve the market and how we can protect our digital assets.

Chainge Finance, a popular exhibitor at the event, showcased several of their features, including their innovative cross-chain aggregated DEX and universal interoperability solution. Chainge Finance CEO and Founder, DJ Qian, delivered a keynote speech on the ins and outs of blockchain tech, the most pressing issues in the crypto space, and the tools Chainge has built to address them. He also discussed specific pain points preventing new users from easily adopting cryptocurrencies.

At the event, DJ Qian stated As someone who’s been in the industry for over 13 years, it’s exciting to see all this innovation and excitement in one place. There is so much potential in DeFi, and it’s extremely rewarding to see all these blockchain enthusiasts coming together to discuss the future of FinTech.”

While there are concerns amongst users and project founders alike regarding the whispers of a potential recession, the event showcased Chainge Finance’s smart cross-chain routing algorithm that provides users with the best prices for their swaps as well as one-tap cross-chain operations. DJ Qian believes that continuous blockchain technology development will help provide an answer to these concerns.

The Chainge Finance Team was recently interviewed at the Nasdaq studio in New York, where DJ Qian shared more in-depth info regarding Chainge Finance and upcoming features as the APIs for developers to build fully cross-chain products using Chainge tech, hardware wallet, fiat on-off ramp, and more of the upgrades to come.

About Chainge Finance

A next-generation DeFi app, Chainge Finance stands as the most liquid web3 trading platform on the cryptocurrency market, with over $70 billion in aggregate liquidity. The app offers a wide range of crypto management tools, including a cross-chain wallet that supports 30+ EVM and non-EVM chains, so users can easily send, receive, and swap crypto assets across chains. In addition to the cross-chain DEX aggregator, Fusion DCRM technology powers and secures the Escrow module, a Futures DEX, and the first decentralized Options DEX.





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