Ethereum-Based Big Eyes Memecoin stage selling fast as 1inch network secures a partnership

One of the ways to make money in the cryptocurrency market is to focus on the news and developments in the landscape. Most people will call it fundamental analysis because it looks at the natural circumstances surrounding a particular asset and uses it to determine if there will be a price pump or a dump. Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is an ethereum-based memecoin that’s selling fast on presale and is less than half a million dollars away from its stage 3 presale target, having raised over $4.3 million in weeks.

This news indicates a good position for the memecoin, and smart investors have already begun buying this token which is why it’s moving much faster towards the conclusion of the presale. Similarly, other cryptocurrencies have developments that could affect price movement, and with keen attention, the average crypto enthusiast can make some profit. Recently, XRP hit some victory in its SEC lawsuit, and the price jumped over 20% in 24 hours.


1INCH is another cryptocurrency with recent news of a partnership that could bring some interesting offerings to the Network and help it grow value. Let’s look at what it has to offer.

Transactions Made Easy – 1Inch Network(1INCH)

1Inch Network(1INCH) is not a decentralized exchange in itself. Still, it’s a multi-chain DEX aggregator that scans multiple decentralized exchanges across various networks to find the best rate and prices for trades and swaps. There are several issues that 1inch can assist in solving. For starters, the protocol addresses the DeFi sector’s lack of liquidity. The DeFi market is still highly segmented. Because of this framework, many projects will never have access to deep liquidity. 1inch delivers this liquidity to the market by adding a multi-chain aggregator.

The 1inch decentralized exchange aggregator protocol has formed a new relationship that might result in it providing services similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). On October 4, the 1inch Network announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a nonfungible token (NFT) domain name supplier and digital identity platform. The new partnership marks a foray into the decentralized domain field, which is presently controlled by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

The cooperation, according to the statement, would allow 1inch Wallet users to make transactions more user-friendly by substituting complicated addresses with domain names. This is exactly what ENS provides: replacing Ethereum addresses with web-friendly domain names ending with “eth.”

The totally adorable cat – Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes coin (BIG) is an ethereum-based memecoin with the primary aim of creating wealth for its community holders using DeFi and other state-of-the-art crypto solutions to grow the ecosystem. In crypto, wealth is created from growth and the continuous adoption of the solution. Memecoins have existed since inception as one of the fastest growing communities because of the internet memes and narratives that are exciting to push.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a cat-inspired memecoin, and it hopes to recreate the meta for memecoins and inspire other emerging projects to forsake the traditional dog meme narrative. Big Eyes has created a community that has formed a healthy rivalry with dog memes and is pushing to dominate the market. When Shiba Inu launched, it was dubbed DOGE-killer, and it went on to surpass DOGE’s market value for a brief moment.

Big Eyes hopes to become the dog memes killers, encompassing all memecoins using the dog mascot. The new memecoin is performing pretty well on presale, and several investors are already considering the prospect of it being the next big memecoin.

Memecoins blow-ups are always massive, which is why you should not miss on this early bird ticket into the Big Eyes ecosystem. Join the Big Eyes(BIG) presale now, and secure yourself some tokens.

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