Feed3 With A Use Case That Surpasses Dogecoin Through Its Ecosystem That Seeks To Reward Users For Giving Audio Feedback On P2E Games And Metaverse Projects

Feed3 With A Use Case That Surpasses Dogecoin Through Its Ecosystem That Seeks To Reward Users For Giving Audio Feedback On P2E Games And Metaverse Projects

by October 6, 2022

As Web 3.0 develops, the metaverse and play-to-earn projects keep gaining prominence and amassing value from the number of users adopting the tokens. However, with the myriad of games hitting the crypto space, it’s hard to say which lives up to its reputation as there’s no particular reviews platform for these projects. However, Feed3 (FD3) will change that narrative with its tool that lets users record audio feedback and get paid for doing so.

There are hundreds of meme coins in the cryptocurrency market with no particular use case, following the path of Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin (DOGE) was created to make a joke about cryptocurrencies through memes, and several others do the same. However, meme coins are now incorporating play-to-earn games in their ecosystems for their users to have something to engage with.

Play-to-earn games and the metaverse are the budding features of Web 3.0, and to ensure they remain and scale with blockchain technology, Feed3 (FD3) is here with the most innovative feature. Feedback and reviews are the core of many products and services as they allow development teams to make better improvements on their products. The Feed3 (FD3) is an audio feedback tool that lets players and users voice their opinions on P2E games through AI-powered voice notes.

Feed3 (FD3) uses a feedback-to-earn model to pay players who drop audio reviews with FD3 tokens. This creates an extra income avenue for players, while the development teams get a broad directory of genuine feedback that they can use to incorporate better features into their games. Feed3 (FD3) is here for the benefit of web 3.0, players of P2E games, and the developers of P2E games.


Feed3.0 (FD3) Has  Advanced Technology To Ensure Users Are well-compensated For Their Opinions, And Make As Much Profits As Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the first ever meme coin, and due to its uniqueness, it made massive profits after its launch, having a market cap of over $9 billion. Dogecoin (DOGE) remains the highest ranking meme coin in the cryptocurrency market. The same feat could be achieved with Feed 3.0, the first ever audio feedback platform in the cryptocurrency market.

Feed3.0 is not without spectacular features that let it filter fake reviews from genuine ones. Firstly, if you want to leave a review on P2E games and other Web 3.0 decentralized apps, you’ll need to buy an intelligent NFT (iNFT) that works in conjunction with the deep neural network of Feed3.0. This iNFT ranges from $2,000 to $30,000, and there are 10,000 in the platform’s collection.


It’s with this iNFT that you’ll be able to do reviews while the deep neural network analyzes your reviews, processes the emotions in the recording, reviews with its anti-scripting mechanism, cancels noises, and increases the level of your iNFT as you do more reviews. The deep neural network is the one to give you FD3 tokens as you deserve from the quality of your audio review.

The higher the level of your iNFT, the more FD3 tokens you stand to gain. Through the platform’s deep neural network, developers also get classified information from reviews. The classes include menus and UI, rank progression, gameplay, NFTs, weapons, misc, tournaments, in-game features, vehicles, and in-game events.

Like Dogecoin (DOGE), you’re liable to incentives when you buy FD3 tokens and bring a referral to the platform. When you purchase FD3 for the second or third time, you get 50% or 70% more of the tokens you buy. When you refer a friend who spends $75 worth of FD3, you both get $25 worth of FD3 tokens each.

You can be part of this revolutionary first-ever web-3.0 project today by purchasing FD3 tokens. Then, enter a presale stage, purchase as many times as possible, and refer a friend to get bonus tokens that could fetch you massive profits as the platform grows.


Feed3 (FD3)

Presale: https://presale.feed3.io

Website: https://feed3.io

Telegram: https://t.me/Feed3Official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Feed3Token

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