Founder of Cardano ($ADA) on the Value of Cryptocurrency-Friendly Regulatory Frameworks

Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Input Output Global (also known as “IOG”), the blockchain technology company driving Cardano’s R&D, discussed the significance of having regulation that recognises the advantages provided by cryptocurrencies on Thursday (October 13).

“In order for us to advance, it is vital. As many of you are aware, our goal is for Cardano and cryptocurrencies in general to replace traditional banking systems all over the world. My main area of interest has always been banking the unbanked, providing them a controllable economic identity that is ultimately global in scope, self-sovereign, and upholding human rights, the freedom of association, commerce, and expression.

The CEO of IOG reportedly commented as quoted by The Daily Hodl:

In an interview on October 11, Hoskinson outlined his reasons for being highly bullish on cryptocurrencies in the long run.

Hoskinson responded to Bartiromo’s question about his current opinion of the cryptocurrency sector and his predictions for the future of crypto regulation in the United States:

His remarks were made during an interview with “Mornings with Maria” host Maria Bartiromo on the American cable television network Fox Business Network (FBN).

It’s a competitive market. The crypto markets don’t seem to be immune to the nine trillion dollar decline in the stock markets, but, you know, I’ve been through seven boom and bust cycles in the last eight years. So, we’ve been fairly accustomed to it. Volatility has become the norm for us, but the fundamentals are still strong.

“All of the infrastructure is still being constructed. Many fantastic exchanges are taking place and achieving tremendous things. several effective procedures in use. Therefore, it’s business as usual and the majority of the large players are still developing and engaging in fascinating activities. Overall, I’m really optimistic, but the short term is going to be difficult.

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  • Founder of Cardano ($ADA) on the Value of Cryptocurrency-Friendly Regulatory Frameworks
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