Get Stuck In With Crypto Today, With Big Eyes, Tether And Bitcoin

Crypto is the new trend everyone is getting involved in. It is hard to avoid online nowadays, with many social media personalities, celebrities and others in positions of power investing in the crypto world. Despite most of the promotion of crypto surrounding individuals living a life of higher echelon, anyone can get involved and invest in cryptocurrency. 

However, knowing where to divert your attention and interests can be tricky. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there and finding one that suits you can be even trickier. Different platforms have different things to offer, whether it is a unique take on the world of virtual reality or niche ways of donating to different charities. Exploring your interests, to being a part of a continuously growing and evolving community. The crypto world is yours to explore!

But where do to start? And which platforms should you look into? Big Eyes, Tether and Bitcoin all have some different but exciting to offer you. 
Big Eyes And Their Start-Up Success
Big Eyes are innovating the crypto game. They are a community-led token that wants to change and shift the wealth within the traditional defi ecosystem and protect an important part of the world’s ecosystem. With its feline-themed platform, the functionalities pride themselves on its cat-tastic values. These include being sociable and active with the platform sharing and communicating all updates and advancements with its users. 

The upcoming cryptocurrency is planning to shake up the game, and provide its users with early access to invest and be involved. The coin has four different stages for its community to involve themselves in and with the third stage already being live and Big Eyes already hitting over $3 million, they are a crypto coin to look out for. 

With the platform being brand new, it gives people interested in fresh crypto to join something very exciting. 

But, what if you want to be a part of something more established and well-known?
The Tether Way Or No Way
Launched in 2014, Tether and its tokens offer stability and simplicity of fiat currencies paired with the innovative nature of blockchain technology. Tether can be used for either personal or business use and offers an abundance of benefits as one of the most stable and trusted stablecoins. 

These tokens are assets that can move across the blockchain as swiftly and smoothly as any other online digital currency. The popularity of the Tether token has grown massively, as from December last year its market cap was over US$77 billion…Impressive. 

With Tether’s success being obvious and a platform which is valued by many, what other cryptocurrencies match this calibre you ask?

Ever heard of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, The Crypto Titan
Bitcoin  If you haven’t heard of it, you must have been living under a rock. Created in 2009, the crypto powerhouse is innovative and volatile for all of its users. It is another digital currency which allows its community to pay for digital goods and services anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. 

It relies on a decentralised system with a trusty collective of individuals managing the coin and contributing their computer work to monitor all buys, sales and transactions. 

The currency is experimental and is adapting and evolving by the day. It is moving in the positive direction of decentralised finance and allows users to transfer value anywhere and in very simple ways. It can provide its community to be in full control of its own while providing high levels of security. 

With Bitcoin being around for several years now, it provides users and people wishing to get involved with crypto the level of safety and experience for people to trust them. They are one of the true trailblazers in the market, and if you are looking into joining the crypto family, Bitcoin is one to look out for. 
To Conclude…
Depending on where you are at with your understanding of crypto and your general interests, this can contribute hugely to where you divert your attention. Wherever you are with your journey with crypto, check out all of these platforms now and see how they progress and make some huge digital impacts. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)