Metacryp – A play-to-earn Metaverse and Gamefi Ecosystem featuring like Shiba Inu and Vechain

The integration of Game-Fi and Play-To-Earn ecosystems into the metaverse using blockchain technology has seen a massive boost as users, gamers and investors rapidly leverage and scale these ecosystems for passive income.

The Metacryp (MTCR) is a fast-rising metaverse utility token and play-to-earn platform backed and supported by its growing community of wealth builders and fun seekers.

New investors and users are presented with countless value-added opportunities on the Metacryp (MTCR) metaverse and virtual reality gaming platform.

A sneak peeks into the Metacryp (MTCR) metaverse shows a variety of play-to-earn opportunities and its innovative country clubs, detailed and suited for each investor and user from different locations and countries.

The idea of earning a passive income and potential life-changing wealth is multiple pluses for the Metacryp (MTCR) metaverse and game-fi platform.

Metacryp and Community

Metacryp (MTCR) is a metaverse utility token built and created with users and the community in mind. It was developed to create equal opportunities for a diverse community of investors, gamers, and Metacryp (MTCR) token holders.

Metacryp (MTCR), through its unique metaverse, aims to create a user feel and experience different from what is obtainable in the centralised and traditional world. Users that may not be opportune to visit top holiday venues and travel destinations in the real world now have the opportunity and leverage to experience the feels and excitements of top spots and tourism centers in the Metacryp (MTCR) metaverse.

Metacryp versus Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a digital meme token cryptocurrency that has gained massive popularity from its peculiar dog meme token characteristics and features.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is backed by a strong community of Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme token lovers.

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) native token $SHIB can be used as a means of exchange and a mode of transactional payments. Shiba Inu (SHIB) has an abundant token supply peculiar to meme token cryptocurrency creations.

Metacryp versus Vechain

Vechain (VET) is a digital currency and smart contracts platform with a core focus on supply chain management and development. This project leverages blockchain technology to create a unique platform for supply chain management solutions.

Vechain (VET) was launched in 2015 and was founded and developed by Sunny Lu. The Vechain (VET) platform has an active community of users and organizations leveraging its supply chain solutions.

Vechain (VET) features a native token that can be used as a mode of payment and transaction processing fees on its platform. As of now, there are a total of 86,712,634,466 VET tokens in circulation.

How to buy Metacryp Tokens

Metacryp welcomes new users to buy Metacryp (MTCR) tokens by – Visiting the main website, clicking on presale and following the instructions.

Investors get a 15% bonus when they purchase Metacryp with USDT TRC-20 tokens and a 10% bonus using ETH or USDT ERC-20 tokens.

Investors also get a 13% bonus when purchasing MTCR with BNB and 8% using BTC. Metacryp buyers are rewarded with a 9% bonus at the first stage and a 7% bonus at the second presale stage.

New and existing users leveraging purchases of the MTCR token enjoy amazing referral bonuses. Investors, including a referrer and referee, will receive a $100 bonus reward for every $400 used to purchase Metacryp (MTCR) tokens.

A 42% token bonus is awarded to investors for the second purchase of Metacryp (MTCR) tokens, and a mouth-watering 62% bonus of Metacryp tokens is sent out to buyers and investors who make a third purchase.

Metacryp (MTCR) is an evolving metaverse and play-to-earn platform, still at its early stage. Join Now!

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