SafeMoon Investors Eye Catalysts Including Launch of V2

Something is brewing over at SafeMoon. The DeFi project is close to launching a widely anticipated V2. The team is targeting greater adoption and additional use cases with the launch of V2.

SafeMoon V2 involves the launch of an upgraded contract that has a change to the coin’s consolidation formula. Consolidation is a DeFi feature that the SafeMoon teams likens to reverse stock splits with the added idea that it will be beneficial for investors. It is a way for the team to “tidy up the numbers” without changing the actual ownership percentages among investors.

In addition, V2 features include “increased quality, security and accessibility of SafeMoon” in anticipation of what the project describes as a “warp-speed future.”

The SafeMoon community also has their sights set on a “cool exchange listing” that according to SafeMoon CEO John Karony cited by the SafeMoonWarrior Twitter account will be coming soon. In addition, SafeMoon investors are anticipating a couple of key events, including an expanded crypto wallet and the launch of a crypto exchange.

SafeMoon Price

The SafeMoon price is not joining in the broader market rally today and is down about 4%. Over a longer term view, however, SafeMoon is doing just fine. Since October, the SafeMoon price has rallied over 160%. The recent declines could be investors taking some profits off the table in a broader market that is trading at all-time highs.

SafeMoon Wallet

The SafeMoon crypto wallet has been drumming up excitement among users because the team has been adding support for more coins. SafeMoon’s Karony revealed that the wallet would see additional listings this week and asked his followers which coins they would like to see.

One follower recommended meme coin Dogecoin, in response to which Karony said that he is also a fan and they are “working on implementation.” Others requested stablecoin Tether, while yet another follower requested a feature that warns users if they are about to transfer funds to “flagged scam BSC or ETH addresses.”

The latest new SafeMoon wallet listings announced on Nov. 5 include Shiba Inu, Chainlink and Aave.

SafeMoon is also preparing to launch a cryptocurrency exchange, which apparently is not tied to V2.

This article was originally posted on FX Empire