SHIB Payments Adopted by SAP SE Giant Via BitPay

Yuri Molchan

SHIB, DOGE and other coins have been adapted by SAP SE thanks to a collaboration with BitPay


According to a recent tweet published by BitPay, it has been selected by German software giant SAP SE to provide payroll payments for its staff. The list of cryptocurrencies BitPay works with includes not only top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also popular meme tokens – Shiba Inu and Dogecoin.

Aside from that, the tweet reminds, earlier this year BitPay and the said German company signed a co-innovation agreement.

Crypto payments adopted by SAP SE, SHIB included

The blog post published on the SAP SE website speaks about five startups that have been picked by the German software behemoth (a panel of its experts, customers, partners, etc). This list includes BitPay, which will begin providing part of salaries in cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, for SAP SE’s employees.

The other startups were picked to be mentored in the topics of crypto, NFTs, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc, and within the coming year they will be taught by SAP’s top executives on those subjects, will gain access to SAP tech and application programming interfaces (APIs). They will also get an opportunity to cooperate with the company’s clients around the world.


The startups that have been enrolled with the SAP.iO Foundry New York Fall 2022 program, apart from BitPay, include Beem (dealing in augmented reality), Gmetri (metaverse, web 3.0), etc.

3.38 trillion SHIB moved between anon wallets

According to the popular crypto tracker Whale Alert, slightly over 2 hours ago, a mysterious cryptocurrency whale made a transfer of a whopping 3,388,119,787,804 Shiba Inu.

This amount of meme coins is the equivalent of $34,887,130. The sending wallet currently contains zero SHIB, having moved all of it to the address of the recipient.