Three Crypto Projects hitting major milestones in 2022: Cardano, Big Eyes Coin, and Ethereum

2022 has been a rollercoaster of a year for crypto enthusiasts. Between Snoop Dogg taking the Metaverse to the VMAs to the collapse of Terra (LUNA), the community has faced many situations that no one could have predicted.

Despite this, 2022 saw many projects thrive. From Big Eyes Coin to Cardano to Ethereum, many cryptocurrency projects have been able to make massive gains in 2022, doing so in a variety of ways with a variety of outcomes.

In this article, we will be looking at what these three projects have achieved so far in 2022, and see if any of these projects are worth getting involved with this year.

Cardano reaches 3.9 million wallet holders

It was recently revealed that the Proof-of-Stake blockchain network Cardano has reached over 3.9 Million wallets. This news, which was announced several days ago, is certainly a landmark for the project and puts it in good stead to continue in its growth.

Cardano is one of the leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, being a regular fixture of Coin Market Cap’s top 10. The Cardano network is highly popular with creatives and innovators, thanks to the open-source nature of the protocol making it easy to implement into new projects.

As well as being open-source, Cardano also utilises Proof-of-Stake blockchain technology, which allows for many user benefits including quick and cheap transactions. The technology is also extremely environmentally friendly, thanks in no small part to Ouroboros- a blockchain protocol used by Cardano that helps the network remain as secure, scalable and low energy as it currently is.

Three Crypto Projects hitting major milestones in 2022: Cardano, Big Eyes Coin, and Ethereum

With this many user wallets, it is clear that Cardano’s future is a bright one. Will you get involved?

Ethereum Go Eco With The Merge

Another blockchain project that has reached a major milestone in 2022 is Ethereum, thanks in no small part to the completion of The Merge.

The Merge, which has been in development since the creation of Beacon Chain in December 2020 and was finally implemented in September of this year, saw the crypto juggernaut shift its network from the Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of-Stake validation process. This form of data validation is far more eco-friendly than the aforementioned Proof-of-Work protocol, due to the reduction of machines used in the process reducing wasted electricity.

According to Ethereum’s estimates, The Merge has cut Ethereum’s energy output by 99.95%.

The Merge, to many, is a reflection of where the crypto economy as a whole is heading next. Crypto in the past has been criticised for its massive energy consumption, especially regarding Bitcoin, however, with Ethereum making this shift, other projects will likely follow suit.

Has The Merge spelt the end of Proof-of-Work validation in the crypto economy? It seems only time will tell.

Big Eyes Coin Raises Over $3.3 Million As It Takes On Third Presale Phase

Another project coming into great success in 2022 is Big Eyes Coin, which by the end of September was able to raise over $3.3 Million.

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-themed meme token with the overarching goal of shaking up the market while forming a community and helping the environment. It is doing this by directly challenging meme token conventions via its token utility, environmentalist messages, and highly developed mascot character, Big Eyes.

The project is planning to help the environment via its charity donations. Currently, 5% of all BIG tokens are being held in a charity wallet and will be donated in various stages to ocean conservation charities to help preserve oceanic life. As their website explains, ‘Healthy oceans produce delicious cat food’, and for a cat-themed token, having goals that make thematic sense to the project’s mascot is both fun and noble.

After all, saving the oceans is essential for the environment to remain healthy, and for a cat like Big Eyes, tasty fish are an excellent additional benefit.

The value of this donation will continue to rise as the value of BIG does, which will be possible as the project continues raising funds and growing its community. If you want to be a part of this, check out the links below to find out more.