Top 3 Coins to Watch this October: Big Eyes, Litecoin, Ethereum

As we near the end of 2022, the current offerings in the cryptocurrency marketplace are as complex and varied as they have ever been. Myriad options have flooded an already crowded market.

Whatever your priorities are for a currency, analyzing the unlimited potential futures of coins can be like trying to read hieroglyphs: complicated, specialized, and open to interpretation.

In this article, we’ll lay the facts surrounding three cryptocurrencies that have made a splash recently, from the plucky dark horse Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to the promising middle-order option Litecoin (LTC) and the mammoth Ethereum (ETH). Read on to find out about the coins crypto analysts have their eyes on in late 2022.

Big Eyes Coin: The Year’s Fluffiest Furore

In the wild west of cryptocurrency meme coins, it can be difficult to debut with a bang. Many projects enter this cut-throat scene underprepared and without enough flair to go the distance.

The upstart Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has avoided these pitfalls in style. With a unique and memorable marketing style, tight security, and rapid tax-free transactions, the team behind Big Eyes empowered their coin to succeed in a highly competitive environment packed to the gills with endless meme coins bumping shoulders.

Whatever the reasons, it seems that Big Eyes is capturing the hearts and minds of the wider crypto community: the coin’s presale phase has managed to generate nearly $8M in funding. It shows no indication of slowing down any time soon.

Look no further than Big Eyes if you’re in the market for a smaller-scale but highly promising coin that seems set for a bright future.

Ethereum: Stagnant, but Innovation Promises Bounce Back

The titanic Ethereum (ETH) token needs little introduction. Standing right at the top of the global cryptocurrency rankings just behind Bitcoin (BTC), this token revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency and continues to be among the most rarified and trusted coins on the market.

As did all currencies, even those as trusted as Ethereum (ETH), this token suffered serious contraction over the past year, losing more than 70% of its total value compared with its all-time high.

However, hold on tight to those tokens: there might be good news in store. The developers of Ethereum have just made a huge play in service of their token by merging its consensus layer with its execution layer (its original blockchain.)

This was good for everyone: transactions using this token are now faster, more secure, and use less energy to complete.

This move is referred to by the Ethereum team as the launch of Ethereum 2.0, and while it is still too early to tell how this will affect the token’s value in the long term, initial signs are very positive.

ETH’s 1-month performance tells this story. The closer you look to today, the higher Ethereum is tracking, with its trend upward in the last week. It would seem likely that as the ramifications of Ethereum 2.0 take hold, this trend will continue.

Litecoin: Fan Favourite Features

Litecoin (LTC) is marketed as the ‘Future of Money’ on the coin’s website. While it hasn’t been a perfect journey for this coin, it’s easy to see why this bold claim can be made.

Litecoin prides itself on being a ‘pure’ cryptocurrency, which may be a simple marketing claim, but the proof is in the pudding. LTC is accepted by many businesses and merchants worldwide as a valid currency. With lightning-fast transactions that are almost free of tax, it’s an attractive option for a huge customer base.

Ease of use and accessibility make this coin a further solid investment – the design ethos of the token focuses on clean, stylish presentation and a streamlined experience that empowers users of all skill levels and experiences to benefit from its offer.

These principles have led Litecoin to a stable and trusted position in the market: even after the market tumult of the past year, LTC has emerged as one of the tokens with the ability to bounce back and reclaim some of its value.

In summary, while little is guaranteed when discussing cryptocurrencies and their futures, the three options set out in the above article are all currencies that any savvy investor should keep a close eye on.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)