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NFTs are becoming profitable with new weekly releases, making it difficult to spot a successful one. If you aren’t sure what to buy, read our list to find the top 5 NFTs for October.

Currently, the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) market seems to be booming as more projects release new NFTs to keep up with the hype. While this trend continues, newer platforms are trying to make their mark on the market with innovative concepts for their altcoin and NFT projects.

With new ideas backing their designs, some of these projects could be the ideal investment. To keep you updated, here is a list of the five best NFT to buy now.

Top 5 Coolest NFT Drops Worth Anticipating – An Overview

Here’s a quick view list of the top NFT release coming this October

1. BudBlockz – Ganja Guruz NFTs

2. Venus Beach

3. Amazônia

4. Battle Infinity

5. Lucky Block NFTs

Top 5 Coolest NFT Drops Worth Anticipating

Looking to make some money this falls, here is a list of the five best NFT projects dropping this month.

  1. BudBlockz: Ganja Guruz NFTs

Number one on our list is the Ganja Guruz NFT collection. Inspired by BudBlockz founder Luke and his close buddies, who created the BudBlockz concept.

A concept built upon the notion of achieving global acceptance of cannabis by creating a unique token called $BLUNT, which facilitates cannabis exchange and sales on eCommerce platforms.

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The Ganja Guruz NFT created as an ERC-721 standard would be a release limited to 10,000 NFT piece to honor fair distribution.

Buying a Guru NFT gives you access to the BudBlockz P2E Gaming arcade. A Platform built based on the concept of a 1998 NES, SNES, and SEGA Genesis retro gaming experience.

Their Arcade platform offers unique opportunities to play various old-school games with fellow cannabis Enthusiasts while earning BLUNT tokens as rewards for winning competitions.

Join The Club

Buying Ganja Guruz is like buying a collectible, evocative digital art, membership within the ecosystem, Community and Consumer benefits, and access to their fractional ownership markets all in one.

A list of the Ganja Guruz membership benefits:

Here is a glance at some benefits of owning a Ganja Guru NFT

  1. NFT owners will gain membership access

Guru NFT owners will gain premium access to all BudBlockz dispensaries worldwide

2. Receive discount codes on products available in-store

Buying a BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT qualifies you to receive a discount while shopping at their local dispensaries.

3. Access to Fractional Ownership marketplace to own % of dispensaries and farms

The fractional ownership marketplace gives you access to opportunities to invest in cannabis dispensaries, CBDs, and health centers worldwide.

4. Additional benefits throughout the roadmap

The BudBlockz project is currently in phase 3 out of its 5-phase plan, and each phase comes with several distinctive benefits for Guru NFT collectors. You can check the whitepaper to find out more about the BudBlockz roadmap.

Who is BudBlockz?

BudBlockz is the world’s first decentralized online eCommerce for cannabis enthusiasts to access the global cannabis markets securely using their own $BLUNT token as a payment medium between the seller and buys within the physical world and the De-Fi network.

2. Venus Beach – A Bundle of Rare Editorial Photographic Masterpiece

Our second most anticipated NFT drops this October is the Venus Beach project. The Venus Beach project features a series of pictures conceptualized by renowned photographer and digital artist Pol Kurucz. Pol’s photographs are characterized by form and color, a distinctive style he uses to create thought-provoking, subject-focused cinematic concepts.

On his Twitter, Pol Kurucz announced the airdrop of his new NFT photographs, “Collection mechanics TBA,” released on October 12th, 3:30 pm PT on MakersPlace.

His NFT collection is limited to a few pieces auctioned on Makersplace premier market. Since Paul Kurucz’s artwork is a true marvel, he will receive the praises he deserves.

3. SupDucks x DraftKings

SupDucks is a new pfp NFT collection designed by California-born artist Franky Nines in collaboration with team DraftKings collection released on October 11th at a limited sale of 2,500 NFT Pieces on the DraftKings marketplace.

Produced from the original Croc character, The SlyCrocs pfp, is equipped with DraftKings and SupDucks utility. Each unique NFT comes with special privileges for owners to claim, like standing a chance at winning DK Dollars, DraftKings Reignmaker packs, etc.

SupDucks x DraftKings. Introducing SlyCrocs to the SupDucks… | by  Limpsmiles | SupDucks | Sep, 2022 | Medium

4. Battle Infinity – Sports Fantasy League for Team Players and NFT collector

Among our list of cool NFT to buy in October, battle infinity ranks 4th since it has been available for months and is making NFT collectors rich.

Battle Infinity is a well-known fantasy sports brand in the P2E and DeFi community that took an innovative approach to fuse fantasy sports and blockchain technology to create a world of endless games and fun.

Battle Infinity showed its need when it sold over 16,500 NFTs within 25 days of its presale, which indicated the need for an NFT-based fantasy sports league.

All players must buy the IBAT NFT pass to play the fantasy sports league. The NFT pass credits users with tokens to buy players and build their teams to play in prize-winning competitions.

Battle Infinity is also preparing to launch its marketplace for NFT sales, a decision that could make the IBAT token coin more valuable.

Some say the IBAT is the best NFT project, but how could that be when it has no impact on the real world? Since the first NFT release in 2020, more projects have emerged, but most have only focused on virtual reality.

As technology evolves and improves, it’s increasingly difficult to justify the sinking of money into any old token. Users would be far more likely to invest in an Altcoin with a real-world impact, which comes down to trust and understanding.

5. Lucky Block – A World Full of Competition and Prizes to claim

Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a popular NFT project, was released on July 25th, 2020. It introduced games for its buyers, giving them frequent opportunities to win. Although this strategy aids in giving back to society, it isn’t so different from Battle infinity.

Like IBAT, Lucky Block allows players and interested persons to participate in competitions with lots of prizes to win. Some of these prizes include world cup tickets and one $1,000,000 worth of bitcoin.

When purchased, the Lucky Block NFT is assigned to players as their avatar and kept as a collectible.

Lucky Block continues to raise the bar, becoming one of the best NFT projects since the start of the year. But like the Ganja Guruz NFT, Lucky Block was built on Eth 2.0 network, which means it’s pretty secure.

What NFT Should I Buy?

If you’ve been observing the NFTs charts, you would know that most successful tokens are unpredictable. Even though they are difficult to guess, some things don’t seem to change about successful NFTs. A few of these are:

  1. Community Size

Every successful NFT, like cryptocurrency projects, starts with a strong community full of dedicated followers who would take part in programs and stand by the purpose of their possession.

A project with a great community will always have passionate members. Communities with the highest engagement usually build a higher price floor for their NFT or token. A good example is the APE Yacht Club, which produced merchandise sold and exchanged between zealous members.

2. Real World Impact

Imagine NFTs as tools for improving life, health, and security. Would that object be valuable? Hell, yes, it will. One thing that makes an NFT useful is its purpose in the world.

Few of the above-listed NFT projects have shown interest in non-virtual reality. One of them is the Ganja Guruz NFT collection by BudBlockz.

This NFT project has made public its plans to improve cannabis exchange, scaling up the existing market via eCommerce by placing their BLUNT token as a payment medium for enthusiasts. With a goal like that in place, it’s only a matter of time before they gain recognition.

3. Roadmap and Anticipation

Every NFT project, like most successful businesses, must come up with a roadmap – a comprehensive plan that breaks down every program and activity that will promote the NFT.

Looking at a successful roadmap would help build anticipation for what comes next. Just a glance at a roadmap would help determine a project’s feasibility ratio. If Ganja Guru is the coolest NFT for you, you should buy it.


Ganja Guruz collections are the best NFT to buy now since it checks the three signs of victory among the above-listed projects.

BudBlockz has shown its positive take on the natural world by promoting legal marijuana, CBDs, and support for the cannabis community. They have established a steady and successful roadmap, making them a worthy opponent in the Metaverse.

Join BudBlockz as they release their Ganja Guruz NFT collection this October. To stay updated with news on the release date, follow their socials or visit and subscribe to their newsletter.

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