VeChain Plans To Expand With 100 New Developers Amidst The Bear Market

The VeChain foundation reports that the business would employ around 100 additional engineers to work in Europe, “pushing out new tools, technologies, developer libraries, and so on.”

VeChain formally announces the growth by informing Watcher that additional facilities are being opened in Europe. “We are currently employing more than 100 developers at our new technology center in Ireland.”

The announcement was reposted and the foundation was tagged by Collectingvet, a VeChain-related Twitter account. Following that, the foundation reposted the message, therefore verifying the declaration.

#Vechain is expanding !
We’re expanding our team by 100 developers in Europe, pushing out new tools, technologies, developer libraries and so on. We’re really in a period of rapid growth.
We’re very excited and optimistic about the future of VeChain!

VeChain to open an HQ in San Marino

VeChain also revealed the establishment of a new headquarters in San Marino. We also recently built a new headquarters in San Marino, and we will soon have a legal presence in Europe, which is better for our long-term goals.

Last month, it announced reserves of $535 million in Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain, and stablecoins. Over the past year, the platform has partnered with other companies to continue its growth. In prospective blockchain initiatives, the organization has recently enlisted TruTrace and UCO Network as partners.

Both of VeChain’s new locations in Europe are now operational and hiring. On its next ambitions in Europe, the foundation has not yet made any comments. To make the platform European-based, they are nonetheless working with the San Marino government to establish a legal jurisdiction.

VeChain and UFC announced a collaboration in June while agreeing to make it the official layer 1 blockchain partner. VeChain, a worldwide sustainability-focused blockchain corporation, and the UFC, the world’s top martial arts organization, have agreed to a $100 million contract.

With this agreement, it becomes the UFC’s first official Layer 1 blockchain partner. It will also deliver unprecedented platform features that will be included in UFC, such as live events, in-arena promotions, broadcasts, and numerous other assets that will be distributed throughout the martial arts company’s platforms.

With operations in Japan, China, Singapore, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, San Marino, and the United States, the platform has a nexus of practical use of blockchain applications.

It will also have access to the most thorough integrations through the partnership, particularly with the UFC’s official fighter ranking titles. This will increase its visibility on several live broadcasts and at some of the biggest events in the martial arts organization.

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