What Is Liberty Square NFT?

Liberty Square isn’t a flash in a pan and is built for the long game. As the developers said themselves, “we’re not going anywhere.” Unlike other projects, Liberty Square is focused on future developments and takes the NFT space way more seriously than average through its lore-based project.

The collection launched with over 9999 NFT, minted on June 29, 2022, at a price of 0.88 SOL.

What is Liberty Square?

The building phase of Liberty Square started in September 2021 and it revolves around these five core tenets:

  1. Art Matters – If it’s not something that the developers won’t buy themselves then that’s trash. Art appreciation is relative but it’s important that every single NFT collection is worth the buck.
  2. Builders Build – Technology is evolving every second and it’s important to keep up with these changes and not miss the train. If there’s a tech that will speed things up or add value to the collection then it’s something worth investing in right now.
  3. Decency is Free. Less is more. It’s a small community and thus, respect is sacred.
  4. If It is Not Fun, Don’t Do It. Why do something that doesn’t make anyone’s face light up? It’s not worth it.
  5. Community is Important. The real deal is that networks become your biggest multiplier in terms of ROI. Your network is your net worth.

Series I: The Sinister Squirrel Syndicate

This collection comprises the most ruthless mercenaries all over the world. There are over 12 breeds of squirrels spawned from 10 gangs that are considered vengeful, ferocious, and aggressive, whose goal is to get rid of all their enemies:

  • Shadow Sect
  • Padre
  • The Reapers
  • The First Order
  • Crimson Cadavers
  • Nutcrackers MC – Enforcers
  • Banda de Ladrones
  • Oak Street Boys – Banger Class
  • The Dusty Nut Outlaws
  • Nutcrackers MC – Members
  • Oak Street Boys – Brawler Class
  • Squirrels for Liberty

Legendary Sets

There are over 12 Legendary Sets found in Series I. This collection is inspired by real-life characters that you get to encounter in society. For this collection, every set will be composed of one member from each class and gang.

There are only 144 collectibles included in Liberty Square that are considered the rarest types. In fact, you can’t find one with the same or exact qualities and characteristics.

Skribble Squirrel – Co-Founder and Artist

Art is non-negotiable to Liberty Square. Skribble Squirrel, the co-founder, and artists of Liberty Square greatly uphold the value of every artwork that you can find in this collection.

Art is in every fiber of this project and as such, every single collectible is drawn and calibrated intentionally. Nothing was random. For one, the Sinister Squirrel Syndicate comprises more than 450 unique backgrounds and characteristics making each collectible the rarest of its kind.

Liberty Square is well-researched and is borne out of abstract films and pop culture.


There are over 272 tokens that are to be disseminated to both current and future members of the project. More so, a total of 216 tokens are set to be distributed via airdrops and promotions. In addition, one complete legendary set is to be given away in lieu of future promotions.

IP rights are also given to the token holders following Liberty Square terms.

Air Drops

As a token holder, you immediately pre-qualify for any airdrops that Liberty Square will conduct in the future. This is one of the many ways that Liberty Square founders show their appreciation for the support of the entire community.

On May 30, Liberty Square Raids began on Discord and Twitter. The scheduled airdrops will comprise the Sinister Squirrels collection.


$FLTH is the token of Liberty Square. At this point, this is considered mainly as a reward token which means it holds no monetary value. There will be use cases for this token but it will only be implemented if and only if it gives authentic value to the holder. Most of these use cases are pretty generic but there are some that are dubbed as unique to $FLTH.


When you stake in the mausoleum, all $FLTH earned will be equally distributed to all those who hold unlisted NFTs with corresponding random points given all throughout the year. The entry process in the mausoleum is still under planning.


The individual daily staking rewards for Liberty Square are as follows:

  • Common – 2 $FLTH
  • Rare – 4 $FLTH
  • Ultra Rare – 6 $FLTH
  • Legendary – 8 $FLTH

All the NFTs staked by August 12, 2022, were able to get a one-time airdrop which is tantamount to the rewards they are supposed to receive from July 13, 2022, or equivalent to 22 days worth of rewards. Additionally, the scheduled airdrop also had multipliers to boost the rewards. In this case, a 3x multiplier was applied.

Liberty Mercantile

You can get Liberty Square merchandise right on Liberty Mercantile. All the merchandise is coined limited edition or has a very limited quantity available for each item. You can buy these items using $FLTH or fiat.

All items can be shipped internationally with shipping and handling fees payable with fiat.

Collection Multiplier and Earnings

  • Mixed Nutz Collection. The Mixed Nutz Collection will have a daily bonus of 3 $FLTH
  • Common Collection. The Common Collection will have daily earnings amounting to 31.2 $FLTH with a 1.3x multiplier.
  • Rare Collection. For the Rare Collection, the multiplier is 1.5x or equivalent to daily earnings of 72 $FLTH.
  • Ultra Rare Collection. The multiplier for the Ultra Rare Collection is set at 1.75x or with daily earnings reaching 126 $FLTH.
  • Legendary Collection. The Legendary Collection boasts of a 2x multiplier or grossing daily earnings of 192 $FLTH.


Purgatory will house over 460 Sinister Squirrel Syndicate NFTs, 1 Okay Bear, 1 DeGod, and 1 Cet on Creck. More will be added to this collection. All the earnings from these combined assets will stay in the confines of purgatory.

On November 25, 2022, all hell will break loose as purgatory will unbridle its assets. The assets will be disposed to the Liberty Mercantile and then transferred to their new owners.

Liberty Square is spawned from an artist’s perspective and combined with lore. Art is at the very fiber of this project with each NFT art commissioned by the best artists in the NFT space. Albeit, while everything else seems to come and go as they please, Liberty Square is here to stay.